BRIC Coin is a token formed in the Tron blockchain ecosystem 

Entrepreneurship according to international currency transfers is increasing day by day, which is considered a very significant nuance of this plan. So let’s understand, what does the Global Financial Transition look like?

International financial transfers make it possible to transfer resources to a bankaccording to the whole community using the US $ is also a currency. What corresponds to a different monetary unit, you will be able to convert it into a district monetary unit, as well as obtain only resources in the beneficiary bank.In 2019 The Celestial Empire was the 2nd largest economy in the whole society with a solid domestic supply (product) of Fourteen trillion dollars, after the United States with 21 trillion dollars, this product also outperformed Japan with a product of 5 trillion dollars

The macroeconomics of China is more than the macroeconomics of the Rising Sun, Germany and India taken together. China’s largest suburb, Guangdong, has more residential products than Spain; in the River River delta, which is located near Shanghai City, this kind of product, however, is also in Germany.

In this regard, the period, as well as the products of the State of China, increased by 6.11% in 2019, the wear of the proletarian power,

slow financial reforms, rising debt, and more recently, the trade shocks that occurred contributed to the downward movement of the line

financial increase since last 5 years. The decline in the COVID-19 microbes has increased this focus. The Celestial Empire did not stop counting political figures in the production process, including subsidies, restrictions on access to bazaars, the impact of technology transfer on targets, as well as

another favor from rival Russia. The device of this political figure is destructive

the ability of foreign firms to function in similar situations in odd bargains. In addition, China’s State Revolutionary Party’s oversight of various financial entities in auctions has increased significantly. For example, if you apply international financial transfers to the continental Sky Empire, in this case resources can be exchanged in yuan, as well as immediately credited to the central bank’s address. In addition to the principle, the exchange can be carried out according to the receiving bank’s power line (Internet banking/mobile operations).

To provide a convenient platform for the purpose of international currency transfers with the aim of BRIC Importers as well as Exporting Countries.

To be the most reliable economic platform for mass currency transfer purposes according to the whole society in the field of international trade, import and export.

BRIC Coin is a token formed in the Tron blockchain ecosystem to provide the ability to use relative deposit resources without the presence of one or another or a foreigner.

BIS Coins are TRC20 tokens deposited by international economic transfers from cart countries (Countries, Russian Federation, Indian Countries as well as Celestials). The tokens will be used for the purpose of cross-border transactions among the cart states. I initially preferred this state, so we can see that it is the most crowded state, also for launch purposes we need a big exchange. Despite the fact that 20% of the world’s imports/exports are required in these 4 states. So, I started my service for these states purposes, and over time I will also increase the number of states on our list.

Consumers and traders also have every opportunity to take shape in this landing stage for trading purposes. We present a basic platform for trading purposes using cart coins. Similarly, as soon as the registration is complete from two points, the monetary unit has every opportunity to be converted by the merchant or consumer into basket coins from the nearest public exchange. One concludes with 3 functions: send, extract and transmit. You will be able to buy funds converted into basket coins directly from the exchange, using the extraction function that

provides the possibility of attribute-code recognition of the program, with the support of which the coin cart goes to your computer immediately. Now, as soon as this is done, consumers and merchants will be able to contact friends with a support function called “chat window”.

where merchants and consumers have every opportunity to discuss operations and also come to conclusions. Only once did they prove of two points.Consumers can press the “escrow” button, where

it says that the product will be stored on our servers securely till now, until someone buys the product in any way. In case someone changes their mind or is about to cancel the application by maturity

against product defects. In this case, one can raise a “dispute”, but then the manager introduces a chat window to check whether the result is really broken or someone is trying to cheat. If the product is damaged, someone will be handed over. Also , no one he can fool, due to the fact that, as soon as you agree that the result is real, only then will the computer release the coin or emphatically refuse to issue.


In the economic sphere a country joins agribusiness, official organizations, fisheries, mining, quarrying and mineral extraction. It can be divided into two plans: the acquired industry, including the creation of raw substances that can be achieved by human intervention in the correspondence of creation; and the extractive industry, including the increase in useless raw parts that cannot be extended through progress. industries, associations of important businesses or affiliates that produce or supply goods, associations, or payment types. From a financial point of view, experience is generally considered essential, optional, tertiary and quaternary; auxiliary effort is also called significant and light.


BRIC Coin is backed by Blockchain – which is known to be highly secure and reliable – filling gaps and eliminating challenges. BRIC Coin is a token created on the Tron blockchain ecosystem, enabling us to provide

de facilities for the use of escrow without the presence of a third party.

BRIC Coin is a TRC20 token backed by international remittances from foreign trade. BRIC Coin was founded to eliminate complicated billing, documentation, customs, excise duties, etc. BRIC can be used as escrow for “Buyers” and “Sellers” in B(Brazil), R(Russia), I(India ), & C(China)

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BRIC General Sales

Current Price of BRIC Coin = $0.4

Live IEO Now


BRIC Public Selling Price Table

DatePrice1 December 2021 to 6 January 2022$0.207 January 2022 to 6 February 2022$0.307 February 2022 to 6 March 2022$0.407 March 2022 to 7 April 2022$0.50

The public sale of BRIC will end on April 7, 2022

Notes :

– The addresses below are the only contract addresses for BRIC. Please watch out for scams.

– Please DO NOT SEND coins to the contract address below. Sending coins to this address may result in permanent loss.

BRIC TRC-20 Official Contract Address :   Tpp9uVWBwdpotzsTx8kHz6LGUtCExXyzHq


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BRIC Coin was launched through an initial exchange offering (IEO) — where cryptocurrency exchanges oversee token sales. ICOs have lost their appeal recently due to increased investor risk. The benefits of IEOs are clear: blockchain projects go through a comprehensive vetting process where they are carefully scrutinized. Many investors tend to find IEO platforms more attractive because there is a higher level of due diligence than is seen with ICOs.

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 CoinRadr is a revolutionary encrypted coin tracking and trading app that gives you a competitive edge in the cryptocurrency market.



Crypto Market Cap is now estimated to be over 2 Trillion Dollars. This exponential increase indicates a fast wave in the use of crypto products. It is further estimated that more than 50 trillion dollars in fiat reserves will be transferred to various crypto assets in the next few years. The move of fiat reserves into crypto has given rise to a variety of DeFi products, Insurance, NFT, Loans, Mulchain, Metaverse, and a whole ecosystem of interesting use cases. 

However, the crypto space is in chaos in its avalanche of activity and as technology, use cases, ecosystems, tokens and coins evolve on a daily basis, we can only experience unlimited eruptions in these various data point packages. If these data points are not collected properly, they can have a negative impact on the crypto experience for both investors and wholesalers alike.

About CoinRadr

COINRADR is a revolutionary encrypted coin tracking, education & trading app that gives crypto users an edge in the cryptocurrency market. Have you ever wanted to track your crypto assets in a centralized and simple way? Curious about the latest low cap gems before you pals? Dream of opening a trade and letting it run while you sleep? Do you want 5% APY on your crypto even while it’s pumping? Want to easily send crypto between wallets across multiple blockchains? Wish there was a place where you could shop with cryptos directly or accept payments in crypto without intermediaries? Maybe you don’t want to pay high fees to convert between digital assets or sell your coins for FIAT instantly for an instant 20–50% reduction. You can now manage all these functions and more in COINRADR.

CoinRadr is a revolutionary solution to help users gain an edge over the cryptocurrency landscape by providing individual users with real-time trading and data visualization all in one place. Moreover, it allows users to invest in DeFi products as well as insure their assets against loss.

CoinRadr is building the future of finance. It creates a protocol that will bridge decentralized finance (DeFi) and traditional finance (TradFi), allowing both sectors to benefit from one another. Let Us Have An In-depth Overview of the Various DeFi Solutions CoinRadr has to offer; Development of DeFi Insurance System — Insurance is needed to protect against unforeseen risks and emergencies.

Users can choose financial protection to protect themselves from any technical bugs in smart contracts and liquidity issues.

The development of the CoinRadr Insurance System will offer tradable and tokenized insurance positions against hacking of smart contracts or against defaults of stable coins.

Why CoinRadr Choose DeFi

DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance, which is a disruptive technology embedded in a secure distributed ledger like the one used by cryptocurrencies. DeFi helps remove the complete control that financial institutions have over financial products and services and money.

Emerging technologies such as Blockchain have made it easier for individuals, merchants, business tycoons, and others to perform executive business transactions quickly without following the protocols of financial institutions.


Educational issues in the crypto space cannot be ignored despite the abundance of information available. Information at the forefront largely fulfills the dreams of new users promising them quick financial independence which then robs them of their need to be properly educated. This triggers ignorance and misperception by new users, especially those who don’t know how to consume information from the ground up and improve it. This caused a lot of losses as crypto was then considered and treated as a “get rich quick scheme”.

The Crypto space is experiencing chaos in its avalanche of activity and as technology, use cases, ecosystem, tokens and coins evolve every day, we can only experience unlimited eruptions in these various data point packages. If these data points are not collected properly, they can have a negative impact on the crypto experience for both investors and traders.


Proper education of all users on every aspect of crypto will provide a crypto experience by users and encourage faster adoption of crypto by people all over the world.

Main Interesting Features of DeFi

With DeFi, many consumers enjoy benefits, such as:

– eliminate fees and cost overruns from financial institutions

– eliminate all forms of intermediaries

– funds and financial assets can be easily transferred and received within seconds

– full control over your financial assets

DeFi Currency

The effectiveness of DeFi should be tied to cryptocurrencies to help seamless transactions within the crypto space. The stablecoin as a cryptocurrency will be used to drive all transactions in the DeFi industry. Stablecoins are considered because they are backed by fiat currencies such as the dollar.

The effectiveness and excellence observed in DeFi are the main reasons we build our products under it. It is unique, flexible and fast to transact via DeFi as compared to CeFi (Centralized Finance).

CoinRadr, an all-in-one project with a rare uniqueness.

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Why Choose Us?

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Tokenomics And CoinRadrToken Utilities

Since the 4th Quarter of 2021, we are constantly working to bring something unique to the crypto space. A special project was created to serve all members regardless of their experience in crypto.

Let us quickly polish you with some CoinRadr utilities as well as tokennomics.

CoinRadr . Utilities And Functions

CoinRadr Token ($RADR) is for:

1. Serves as a betting reward for long term DPY

2. Support all utility payments using the DApp browser of the CoinRadr app.

3. $RADR will support all NFT and Metaverse utilities in the ecosystem.

4. Active users on the app will be rewarded with $RADR, which will be commensurate with their activity and contribution to the growth of the ecosystem.

5. Serves as a means of payment for all transactions made in the application.


Ecosystem participation and decentralization is key, so token distribution is designed to ensure long-term management and scheduling of ecosystem monitoring.

TOKENOMICS is distributed according to the long-term product development goals presented as follows:

  • Total bid $100 million RADR
  • Private sale – 2%
  • Likvidnost 41%
  • Ecosystem growth 8%
  • Private presale – 0.7%
  • team 8%
  • merekg 11%
  • Community / 5% debit
  • Project development 15%
  • Pre-sale cycle 2-1.5% (XPAD)
  • Pre-sale round 1 (public) – 3.6% (Pinksale)
  • 4.2% liquidity incentive


  • Tokena Naziv: CoinRadr ($RADR)
  • Total bid: 100,000,000 tokens

Private sale

  • 2% of total offer
  • $2 million RADR tokens
  • Price: 1BNB – $20,000 RADR

Private presale

  • (0.7% of total offer)
  • 700,000 $RADR tokens
  • Price: 1BNB – $15,000 RADR

Public sale

  • 5.1% of total offer
  • $5.1 million RADR tokens
  • Price: 1BNB – $12,000 RADR


CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x71648f61d21d3c75b08414ffa817c4ac2157f89e

Here is a link to our Smart Contract Audit report by Technology Audit:

Spy Wolf Network:

A second security audit was conducted with the Spy Wolf Network to ensure the security of the contract.  We will continue to review contracts periodically to ensure that they are secure.


Fourth quarter 2021

  • Form a technical team for core projects, ecosystem ideas, and legal frameworks.
  • Registered domain and created website.
  • Private selling rounds and early rounds for novice investors.
  • Presentation of WC Partners and supporters (private investors only)
  • Social media assignments and marketing schedule
  • Lite Paper Publishing Marketing Campaign
  • Public sale
  • Token integration and testing with Dex
  • List on the CEX . stock exchange
  • Staking pool :RADR

First quarter 2022

  • Portfolio Manager V1.0
  • Integration of the top five stock exchanges
  • Offline mode integration
  • Wallet integration
  • Report integration
  • Alert notification system
  • Performance testing
  • Marketing campaigns and Airdrop
  • Advertisement: CEX

2nd quarter 2022

  • Multilingual integration
  • Day and night mode
  • Application interface stabilization
  • Automatic reconnection for API exchange
  • Increase speed
  • B2 Design
  • Exchange offers

Third quarter 2022

  • Price Limit Integration
  • Coinradr Swap – test launch
  • Coinradr pad – test launch
  • Coinradr Trading Bot – test launch
  • Chain Card Integration (eth, Solana, bsc, phantom, terra)
  • Exchange offers

Fourth quarter 2022

  • signal tab
  • Recommended social module / system integration
  • Airdrop Distribution 2.0
  • Exchange Coinradr – launch
  • Coinradr pad – launch
  • Coinradr Trading Bot – launch
  • Fee system for Premium portfolio features
  • NFT & Metaverse integration
  • List multiple exchanges

First quarter 2023

  • Future development

Contact information


11Minute Review

Hello friends, greetings to all of you who have visited and seen my compositions, this time I will discuss the 11Minutes NFT Games project. At present, blockchain technology is developing rapidly, so many NFT game projects developed on blockchain technology are born. Usually NFT games developed on blockchain technology that are gradually leading in the market are 11Minutes games, games that are entertaining and can make money from collecting NFT items to deliver. Trade on the market. Seeing the potential of the NFT game industry, the 11Minutes game project was born. So how about 11Minutes game project, let’s learn about Metaverse is a virtual reality platform where many technological aspects such as VR (Virtual Reality), (AR) Augmented Reality, video,

Eleven Minutes is a game that is known almost all over the world in various ways. It can be played on the street, field, etc. Any free space can serve as an App for smartphone enthusiasts. It is a popular game that is familiar to a large population of the world with so many players to get rewards. Thousands of Gamers mistakenly believe that they can make money from 11Minutes just by betting on matches, and is a passive income NFT.

Blockchain Based Play2earn Platform
11Minutes was launched as a platform that allows players to play and earn money easily and safely. Players will be able to play more easily on an innovatively designed platform by an experienced team. The method offered by 11Minutes is an innovative way because users only need to connect their wallet and they can enjoy the games provided by 11Minutes, no registration or KYC required, users can use the games directly from their various devices.

It is a gaming platform designed using blockchain technology. That means the games offered by 11Minutes are completely safe and free from manipulation. Users will be able to use the various features available and play freely without interference from other parties. And especially since it is launched using blockchain technology, users can play for a low fee. Users only need to pay 45 USD for less than 0.1 USD to start playing at 11Minutes. It is more affordable compared to similar gaming platforms which usually require players to pay higher.

11Minutes is the first play2earn game series on Blockchain. You can play new games in each session and win life-changing prizes. 11Minutes Platform (ELVN Coin) is a cryptocurrency Asset that will invade the world in 2022, lunch based on Binance Smart Chain NFT Game which is growing in popularity by the day, with the aim of being used by entrepreneurs, gaming sessions and start-ups for utility purposes .

The Eleven Minutes Game platform was created to serve the world’s largest community – NFT gaming. More than 100,000 people worldwide are enthusiastically supporting ELVN by purchasing and using it. ELVN Coin has strong utility, limited supply, and strong value pillars that support it.


11Minutes is the first decentralized crypto blockchain game to hit with a million hit token sale campaign. It is an NFT platform where users can buy, sell and trade NFT for this game. 11Minutes crypto game gives users access to the gaming platform and NFT. It allows the creation of custom tokens in a simple, convenient and flexible way.

The 11Minutes platform is an Ethereum DApp that allows users to earn real money by playing games. There are several ways to win, including trading in-game digital assets, betting on other players in PvP mode, or earning passive income at 11Minutes Bank.

Decentralized Crypto Blockchain based gaming platform. Metaverse 11Minutes will have cryptocurrency, digital assets, NFT, and the ability to create games in this blockchain ecosystem.

The 11Minutes Game is a decentralized, incognito, secure and transparent cryptocurrency that uses Polygon blockchain technology to provide users with instant and hassle-free payments. Our mission is to create an ecosystem that allows our users to trade assets freely, develop DApps based on the platform using Smart Contracts, pay for goods and accommodation in an efficient way without having to worry about any kind of fraud. A new frontier in technological evolution, Shark of wall street decentralized crypto blockchain is a decentralized blockchain platform that allows you to generate your own coins/tokens and ICOs. This platform also penalizes you for buying, selling, trading,



To participate in the 11Minutes Game Session you don’t need a lot of money to get your Gaming Ticket.

To print NFT you need to pay around $45 and because we are on the Polygon Network you will have to pay less than $0.01 for fuel costs.


Ranking high on the leaderboard will earn you high rewards, as funds from the NFT Sales will go into the prize pool.

First place in a session can win prizes up to $80,000. Everyone in the top 25% will always win more than they invested.


and every game session you have to play a new game. Will never be bored. You will have 11 Minutes for each game to learn it and reach high score.


In addition to getting into the top 25% of the leader board, you can use your NFT to bet, you will earn $ELVN or own Token, which will be out there this year.

We will ensure that, every player will earn with every NFT they hold and always get back their initial investment and earn money on top of that.


11Minutes Platform is a unique global gaming platform built using multiple smart contract systems, bringing together all parts of the gaming industry ecosystem where all players, developers, merchants and gaming communities can get fair, transparent and fair rewards that they get in ELVN Tokens which can be easily exchanged on the open market. The ecosystem built around the gaming process can be broadcast using the 11Minutes Streaming platform, ELVN Coin as well as being a marketplace for the gaming platform and also as a platform for trading in-game items. The 11Minutes platform Developer Market gets a share of the transaction fees and bets. In this case ELVN Coin made a withdrawal of funds to make this game on the 11Minutes crowdfunding Platform, part of the income was also distributed to investors.

11Minutes Platform is a unique global gaming platform built using multiple smart contract systems, bringing together all parts of the gaming industry ecosystem where all players, developers, merchants and gaming community can get a fair, transparent and fair reward that they get in ELVN Tokens which easily exchanged on the open market. The ecosystem built around the gaming process can be broadcast using the 11Minutes Streaming platform, ELVN Coin as well as being a marketplace for the gaming platform as well as a platform for trading in-game items. The 11Minutes platform Developer Market gets a share of the transaction fees and bets. In this case ELVN Coin withdraws funds to make this game on the 11Minutes crowdfunding Platform, part of the income is also distributed to investors.


For more information, please visit the link below:



Horgi is the largest decentralized platform in 2021.

HORGI is a mixed breed dog that, although small, is full of energy and agile. The HORGI token is the newest dog-themed meme on the Binance Smart Chain. This is not just a keepsake but provides a real world use place that brings a long overdue solution to rурtо. nthnthORGI utilt аn еrоw аment еrvе thаt rоvіdеѕ platform through which their rtосurrеnсу service rоvdеr nl nd is HORGI 100% community driven and also has NFT collection with retrieval feature. NFT bettors earn the saved income generated from a portion of transportation taxes and service fees.

Memecoin is nothing new in the cryptocurrency world. The most famous is

Dogecoin created in 2013 as a joke and Shiba Inu created

in 2020. They have seen a lot of price action and big gains since them

creation. It can be said with confidence that the meme coin is now an indispensable part

from the world of cryptocurrencies and has definitely come to stay. They are

originally wrote they had left disappointed. As the name suggests,

meme coin is just a meme-obsessed cryptocurrency asset.

Dogs are a popular pet choice and dog theme in meme coins

widely accepted by investors, and popular cryptocurrency exchanges have

proceed to recognize these by listing them. Therefore, the HORGI token is

a meme coin based on a horgi dog which is a mixed breed of dog. Although

they are small in stature, they are known to be loyal, intelligent, full of energy

and fun. The HORGI Token aims to reflect these attributes in an extraordinary way

cute breed of dog. HORGI is the newest dog-themed memecoin on Binance

Smart Chain. This is a 100% community driven memecoin. Community is

an integral part of the HORGI token project.


Our mission is to create widely accepted, popular and valuable tokenized assets; we aim to offer a new and reliable cryptocurrency in the form of HORGI tokens.

We also aim to provide a platform where investors enjoy the benefits of NFT staking and locked-in liquidity.

With transparent and secure transactions, a vibrant and active community that creates value, we aim to build a brand where investors enjoy the most.

HORGI token is a meme coin that has a revolutionary ecosystem

from dog-themed NFT. Our token ensures maintenance

privacy, security, power, and autonomy.

Ecosystem Ecosystem

HORGI is based on three important features namely NFTS staking, escrow payment platform and dynamic community.

Betting NFTS

Further to the roadmap, NFT HORGI will be released

with betting feature. Our NFT holders will be able to stake it

for prizes at BNB. Staking platform will be audited and SAFU

(Secure Asset Fund for Users). It is one of the safest and

eco-friendly method to earn passive income in

crypto currency. HORGI NFT betting will be another way

make profit just holding valuable NFT while its worth

continues to increase from time to time. The prize at stake is

generated from part of the transaction fee (2% for bets

pool) and service fees charged to escrow payments

platform. If you are an NFT lover and interested in getting

passive income by holding and staking it, this is the place.

Escrow Service

Often, service providers in the crypto space complain about

not paid after delivery while their clients complain

didn’t get delivery after paying. It’s because it’s bad

actors exploit the fact that crypto is decentralized

and not much accountability. HORGI stepped in

to bridge this gap by providing an escrow payment service

through which service providers and their clients can

transact with confidence and trust. this platform

will charge a minimal fee and this fee will

distributed as passive income to NFT stakeholders.



The importance of a dynamic and active community

in every successful cryptocurrency project cannot

overemphasized. Price any tokens directly

proportional to the level of involvement and activity

from the people behind it. The HORGI token has a close-knit community that is constantly attracting

ensure project success. As a community

grow and develop, the more valuable HORGI

brand to be. In this project, a lot of effort was put in

on community involvement. This is the only way to

ensure the acceptance and massive price advantage of


Benefits of Horgi


One of the most important features of

HORGI token is that he is driven by his fun

and an active community of meme coin lovers. We

energetic and passionate community members are

always ready to support activities that add value

brand, making HORGI one of the best dog-themed meme tokens in the crypto space. In

In addition, tokens have real utility.

Multichain Bridge

As stated in the roadmap, there is availability

bridging to other networks such as ETH, FTM and

POLYGON. It unlocks tokens for investors

on other networks ensuring stable inflow

new investors and upward price action. Too

the maximum amount per wallet is 3% of the total

supply and maximum transaction amount is

limited to 1% of the total supply i.e. 1

billion tokens. This vital anti-whale/anti-dump

the feature guarantees that the token price cannot be

be easy to manipulate.

Safe and Secure

Another important feature of the HORGI token is

the smart contract has been verified, and the liquidity

locked. It is beneficial that it has a fast and safe

ecosystem, and the risk is zero for investors. This

keep the community protected from bad potential

Horgi Benefits
Whitepaper Community based One of the most important features of the HORGI token is that it is driven by an active and fun community of coin meme lovers. Our energetic and passionate community members are always ready to support activities that add brand value, making HORGI one of the best dog-themed meme tokens in the crypto space.

In addition, tokens have real utility. Multichain Bridges As stated in the roadmap, there is availability of bridges to other networks such as ETH, FTM and POLYGON. This opens the token to investors on other networks ensuring a steady inflow of new investors and upward price action. Also, the maximum amount per wallet is 3% of the total supply and the maximum transaction amount is limited to 1% of the total supply i.e. 1 billion tokens. This vital anti-whale/anti-dump feature ensures that token prices cannot be easily manipulated.

Token Details
Contract Address : 0x4F5C381861333097AFA97E98a8D6DC0eB0D69ec4
10% tax for every sale/purchase transaction


Project Conceptualization
Website Launch
White Paper Release
1,000 Telegram members
Presale on Pinksale
Marketing Push
Release of NFT & staking features
1,000 token holders
Market cap of 1 million dollars

More marketing push
Community Expansion
2,000 token holders
3,000 Telegram members
List of CG
CMC List
Bridging to other networks like ETH & FTM

Further Marketing Push
5,000 token holders
10,000 Telegram members
Escrow payment platform release
News and Articles
More to be announced
The information provided on this website does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice or any other advice and you should not treat the content of the website as such. The HORGI token team does not recommend that any cryptocurrency should be bought, sold or held by you. Do your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions. By purchasing $HORGI, you agree that you are not buying any securities or investments and you agree to hold the team harmless and not responsible for any losses or taxes you may incur. You also agree that the team provides tokens “as is” and is not required to provide any support or services. You should not expect any form of token HORGI and his team.

Useful Links:

Website :
Whitepaper :
Twitter :
Telegram :

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PumSwap  to operate on multiple chains, protocols, and tokens simultaneously.

PumSwap is a decentralized exchange or DEX created to exchange BEP20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain, ERC20 tokens on Ethereum for KIP20 tokens on the OkexChain Network. PumSwap is a perfect ecosystem for automated liquidity provided on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum & OkexChain Network where users can trade against liquidity pools. PumSwap is a DEX Exchanger with 3 Blockchain Types Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum & OkexChain Network. Mission To create a strong foundation for the community by providing them with incentives in return for their support of the Swap Platform. Creating a state-of-the-art ecosystem for automated liquidity provided on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum & OkexChain Mainnet Network. Target Our main target is consumers who avoid the high gas costs of the Ethereum Blockchain. We aim to be the best platform for managing BSC and OKT chain exchanges. We also have the Ethereum Blockchain.

 Ever wished you could swap your feet for someone else’s? Well, now you can! And it doesn’t have to be a real-life trade-off. You can also do Pumswap using technology. Here are five easy steps to make the no down payment switch.  

Browse pumpswaps website online

Go to

Click the “Create New” button

Choose your feet

Choose a new photo

Add your shoes

Upload the photo

Submit and wait for approval

If approved, choose a new shoe size

Now you can go buy shoes!

Choose the person you want to exchange for free

The great thing about Pumswaping is that you don’t have to pay for this service. You can decide who you want to swap with for free and share it on social media. If you are a brand, this is an opportunity to create an online community around your audience.  

In this video, I explain how the process works in detail and show you how to choose someone from your audience that you want to trade for free.

Create a profile for yourself on the pumswap website

and fill it. Then, send your profile to the company you want to swap legs with. Once they receive your application, you will receive a unique number from the company that will help you manage your pumswap experience.

Add your feet as part of the swap

An important part of the leg swap is the swap. If you swap your legs, it’s important that you do it safely and without endangering yourself or others. It’s also important not to touch anything that could be dangerous, such as sharp objects, hot objects, or liquids. For it to work properly, you need to use a lockable shoe changer (or video baby changer).

The easiest way to add your feet as part of a swap is to search for the item on Amazon or Ebay. You won’t see any additional costs if you use this method; instead of paying extra for shipping, the item will be shipped free.

Another option is to take advantage of Amazon Prime which gives you free two-day shipping on select items and no minimum order value. Also consider buying multiple items at once and not paying anything up front (only when the product arrives in your mailbox).

Wait for someone to respond to your profile

Before you can swap legs, you need someone to follow your profile. That’s why it’s important to wait for a response before you switch legs.

This is especially important if you want to swap legs with real people. If you try and start swapping legs with real people, chances are they will either reject or ignore your messages.

So, what do you do? If someone does follow your profile and comment on your post, then click “follow” and start the process of swapping feet!

Do you ever feel like you can’t go a day without washing your face? You know, the one part of your body that gets all the love. But sometimes, it just feels like too much work. Did you know that even the dirtiest of face-washes can leave you feeling clean and refreshed? That’s because pumswapping is a great way to save money on your wash! But how do you pumswap? And what are the benefits of doing it? Let’s take a closer look. In this article, we’ll introduce you to pumswapping, and explain why it can be such a cost-effective way to clean your face.

Token Name : PumSwap
Token Ticker : PUM
Decimal : 18
Total Supply : 300,000,000
Smart Contract :

If you are interested in making PUM tokens from PumSwap one of your crypto asset portfolios, you can directly visit the following presale link:

With a rate of 1 bnb = 10,000 PUM and a maximum purchase of 5 bnb.

In addition, presale investors who buy at least 1 billion get a chance to win bonus prizes for a total of 10,000 prize pools for three random winners. Winners will be announced three days after the presale ends.

  1. First place winner: $5000 usdt
  2. 2nd place winner : $3000 usdt
  3. Third place: $2000 usdt

After the presale, there will be 3 ICO stages where the price per PUM token will increase in each stage, and the ICO stage will start from 27 Dec 2021.

So don’t miss the chance to join the presale.

The target hard cap of PumSwap’s presale is 100 billion.

Thus my article about PumSwap dex platform and PUM token, keep in mind that I am only sharing information about the project. All investment decisions and risks are in your own hands, always dwyor and dyor.

Thank you for reading my article, don’t forget to clap, comment and share if you like my article. Thank you.

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For more details about PumSwap you can visit below link:




Swapult – Decentralized Layer-3 Swapping Protocol, Based on DeFi Infrastructure

Decentralized Finance (Defi) has brought a world of benefits in the crypto industry, specifically the elimination of intermediaries such as banks, governments, and other financial institutions, allowing individuals to have absolute authority over their funds. Defi was introduced to address some of the challenges of centralized finance. While centrally using intermediaries to control public funds, Defi eliminates them, increases financial convenience, and provides all kinds of financial services on a transparent and untrustworthy blockchain network. Defi, which is a collection of ideas and projects, aims to leverage blockchain technology to transform financial services. This innovation has improved the way financial applications are decentralized, bringing many benefits including transparency,

The world of Defi continues to grow, more than $20 billion has been put into various Defi projects and more Defi projects are being created almost every day. Despite the competition, however, knit finance is one of the DeFi-based projects that stands out in many ways, introducing decentralized governance, incremental payment systems, earning opportunities, and more to the cryptocurrency world.

Swapult Solutions
is a trading convention that envisions a decentralized method of connecting early-phase blockchain-digital money trendsetters and financial backers. Tied connection points allow project owners to post and oversee liquidity bartering which financial backers can effectively find on stage. Swapult abandoned its protracted mission to disrupt and completely decentralize liquidity bartering. This effort was made with the dream of working with greater interoperability through cross-chain associations, thereby also strengthening the acceptance and value of DeFi.

Secure &
Trustless Therefore, there are two significant barriers to DeFi mainstreaming, apart from the often discussed flexibility issue. Most businesses today are not easy to use and have high expectations of absorbing information. Plus, a brilliant, bug-ridden and inadequately drafted deal seems, by all accounts, to be subverting DeFi’s true capacity to seal. To address this issue, we’ve used React Native to build a responsive Swapult UI, alongside natural data design for a compelling UX.


defi #Exchange $SWAPT

Swapult is a decentralized layer-3 cross-chain swapping liquidity management platform based on defi infrastructure for token pools and auctions.
In short the swapult protocol is the number one platform that will unlock the full potential of the defi system using synthetics and decentralized cross-chain bridges. In simple terms swapult is all about investing, staking, lending and exchanging cryptocurrencies. swapult protocol is also a special platform created to provide fast, smart, accessible and easy bootstrap stage liquidity for all its users. The auto-operated marketplaces are all in the swapult protocol, where users can optimize their results to earn $SWAPULT tokens, earn money, and can also use tokens as legal tender in the digital market. swapult protocol contract solves the problem by launching an auto market provider also called smart contract which enhances Market creation services based on the market blueprint.


The $SWAPULT token is an ERC — 20 tokens with a supply of 5,000,000 SWAPULTE tokens, this token will serve as the “fuel” that will support the operation of the platform. swapult protocol plans to sell these tokens in their token sale program with attractive bonuses. Here are the details of the EMO tokens;



STAKING: This is partly similar to Staking with what can be accomplished in traditional finance where individuals deposit into banks and other financial institutions and their money is used by the bank to maintain cash flow without proper reward. Staking in the Swapult protocol differs in the sense that while users store their crypto assets in ERC20 wallets, their deposits are used to lend to borrowers, and maintain the operation of a Proof-of-stake (POS) based blockchain system. In return, the stakeholders are rewarded with an annual passive income from their $SWAPULT tokens.
Secure Wallet:
To store tokens, you need an ERC-20 wallet which is highly compatible with loans and savings.
Because it runs as a DEFI platform, it has no government powers. Making it independent of government policy, its operations are decided by an independent board, with a vote on ideas by the members.
Protocol Swapult uses the incomplete Turing protocol, which reduces attacks and protects the system.
Swapult Protocol is currently working on a DEFI application, and is also creating a crypto exchange platform that will allow the use of $SWAPULT tokens, to buy and trade online.


The $SWAPULT token is an ERC — 20 tokens with a supply of 5,000,000 SWAPULTE tokens, this token will serve as the “fuel” that will support the operation of the platform. swapult protocol plans to sell these tokens in their token sale program with attractive bonuses. Here are the details of the EMO tokens;


STAKING: This is partly similar to Staking with what can be accomplished in traditional finance where individuals deposit into banks and other financial institutions and their money is used by the bank to maintain cash flow without proper reward. Staking in the Swapult protocol differs in the sense that while users store their crypto assets in ERC20 wallets, their deposits are used to lend to borrowers, and maintain the operation of a Proof-of-stake (POS) based blockchain system. In return, the stakeholders are rewarded with an annual passive income from their $SWAPULT tokens.

Secure Wallet:

To store tokens, you need an ERC-20 wallet which is highly compatible with loans and savings.


Because it runs as a DEFI platform, it has no government powers. Making it independent of government policy, its operations are decided by an independent board, with a vote on ideas by the members.


The Swapult protocol uses the incomplete Turing protocol, which reduces attacks and protects the system.

Development :

The Swapult protocol is currently working on the DEFI application, and is also creating a crypto exchange platform that will allow the use of the $SWAPULT token, to buy and trade online.


Crypto lovers often face the challenges of a centralized financial system, but with the introduction of cryptocurrencies and to be more precise, Decentralized Finance, this challenge has been eliminated. Swapult Protocol, a Defi based project was created to leverage blockchain and Defi technology to solve these challenges more effectively, making the investment procedure easier, useful and accessible to everyone. IT has launched a Wallet that will enhance the ecosystem, allowing users to hold, stake, trade and lend. Why not join today’s thriving community and reap the many financial benefits?

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SpyritCoin is a deflation utility token based on the Polygon network created with two practical conventions

SpyritCoin is a digital token for building a global economy. Our Polygon network enables decentralized investment and trading capabilities across three levels of Security. Higher stakes levels will allow maximum liquidity, and one of our Economical Protocols guarantees investors direct taxes on network trading fees in the form of SpyritCoins, as well as significantly lower fees by eliminating traditional middlemen.

SpyritCoin is a deflation utility token built on the Polygon network. SpyritCoin or (SPY) will be used as virtual currency in our Polygon Network. It will be used as a payment method among other utilities in online and mobile platforms.

It finally appeared! is one of the most life-changing new cryptocoins that has been developed on the Ethereum blockchain. This venture has the potential to make strategic investors very wealthy in the next few years. In the midst of its ICO, SpyritCoin was selling for a very low value, now (as I write this) only 0.1 cents per coin!

That really is a great plunge opportunity, with the capacity to turn anything left in 2017 into a 100x cryptographic windfall. Anyway, let’s start with a brief introduction.

When viewed in a larger scope, SpyritCoins seems to be the next big thing. As the technology behind cryptocurrencies advances, we can expect better and better introductions. The decision to invest in SpyritCoins is a step towards a future that is available to individuals who know innovation.

SpyritCoin’s new digital currency assessment and review is focused on helping everyone understand the system and how to participate in SpyritCoin’s initial offering. With a clear market for licenses, there isn’t much room for error in this endeavor.

Manual capitalization has been maintained to the point where any newbie can start with little cash and make quick profits from their first investment.

SpyritCoin is a great altcoin to hold onto long term. You can exchange them for Bitcoins and also convert them into Spyrits. This will be a very low risk bet as you trade more than 1:10000 of your earnings.

The most protracted and difficult stage was purchasing Initial Spyrits (a two month manual procedure to be broadcast in June). There are no checks of any kind yet, and digital currencies are legible and easier to rename. The trustees guarantee the safety and privacy of their investors.

Finally, a cryptocurrency that really deserves to be proud is here. We have been trying to find a speculator cryptocurrency with a genuine market achievement all without anyone else, and we really feel that it will most likely create opportunities in this industry.

This is a coin sale made by someone who needs the crypto environment to compete on their own – it is the kind of crypto that plays out the way different cryptocurrencies are expected to play. To be more precise, it’s like there’s a project out there that needs to be done, but no one has tried that so they’re choosing to do it themselves! The project is Spyrit Coin, and as far as crypto sales go, I’ve never observed anything like this before.

SpyritCoin is a digital currency like Bitcoin and Litecoin, but much better than the previous one. Cryptography has been around for some time, and there are so many approaches to encrypting data that it can be difficult to understand. SpyritCoin is created using a very new strategy called Elliptic curve cryptography which is the most secure cryptographic technique available today.

In the market, it has the power to make a substantial difference in Spyritcoin price and market dominance. Moreover, investors can take advantage of this opportunity due to the fact that information about this interesting cryptocurrency is relatively low in the web phase.

The Spyrit team made public their beta coin, Spyrit Coin (SPYR). SPYR is a state-of-the-art cash register that makes it easy and secure to exchange forms of digital money. The team at Spyrit will soon be shipping their cash platform called “Spy Wallet” because we as their payment framework are called SPYRpay (the most secure wallet in the world). The token sale will begin May 14, 2017 at 18:00 (UTC) or June 10, 2017 at 01:00 (EDT).

Ahead of the major open sale, Spyrit Co. unlock 2 000 000 coins for $0.1 each. It made a total of 2 million USD, starting with a super solid base price without over-flooding.

People often state that they cannot take advantage of the cryptocurrency market due to its inquisitive nature. With low paying coins, one has a better chance of getting into the market.

Bitcoin is an open-source peer-to-peer electronic cash system created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Since 2008, the face of Bitcoin has been discussing the idea of ​​an online bank that can save you money using cryptographic encryption techniques. First recorded use of blockchain

Our Progress

Applications that rely on the DeFi standard, to ensure the liquidity of the free streaming business sector.


Decentralized trading based on the Polygon Network which will allow clients to buy, sell and trade their coins or tokens securely.


Turn your SpyritCoin from a Polygon organization to a Spyrit Chain.

  • Staking and Farming

Bet your SpyritCoin or NFT to earn from the guest house or liquidity pool.

  • blockchain

Spyrit Chain will be another Layer 1 blockchain convention centered around usability and scalability that is further developed, at insignificant gas costs.

  • MetaVerse

A unique story-based MetaVerse game with NFT uses and in game NFT content, called Spyrit Realm. Created and delivered on Spyrit Chain.

Token Name : SpyritCoin

Network: POLYGON

Supply: 5 BILLION

Fee: 10%

Automatic Liquidity : 5%

Dividend : 5%


  • Q3 2021

Create Websites and Social Profiles

Send Smart Contract Token

Share V1 Whitepaper

Submit ICO Smart Contract

  • Q4 2021

Foster dApp

Foster Staking and Protocol Farming

Foster NFT Staking Protocol

Reviews and KYC

Send Pre-sale Smart Contract

Displaying and Advertising Campaigns

  • Q1 2022

Public Launch

Get Partnership

Coin Listing Site

Create an NFT Collection

Foster Cross Chain DEX

  • Q2 2022

Create Game Blueprints

Build a Spyrit Chain Network

Foster Cross Chain Bridge

Further information:
Website :

Whitepaper :

Twitter :

Telegram :

GitHub :

Discord :




NFT stands for non-fungible token, a unit of data stored on the blockchain that certifies a digital asset as unique and non-replicable. The first NFT project was launched back in 2015, but it’s 2021 when the market really takes off. In fact, saying it “takes off” is an understatement.

Compared to the second and third quarter of 2021, NFT trading volume increased by 704%. Three months is the time it takes for such growth. With more and more companies launching their own NFT, celebrities, crypto, finance and other experts are backing it, and all the advantages that technology has – NFT will remain. But while the industry is still in its infancy and moving very fast, there is a lot to improve.

There, Socialogue will shine. Socialogue combines all the fast-growing spaces: NFT, blockchain, Metaverse and social media. All combined into one platform. It is built by taking industry best practices and making them even better. And of course overcome the shortcomings.


LACK OF DIRECT COMMUNICATION: There are many ways to build an NFT community. Channels like Discord or Twitter make it possible to develop the following. But building community doesn’t mean building relationships. Many talented creators and curious collectors miss the opportunity to collaborate due to a lack of direct contact.
HIGH ETHEREUM GAS COSTS: Ethereum is the most popular blockchain that businesses are investigating and incorporating into their operations today. Statistics show that the Ethereum blockchain is used by twenty-four of the fifty listed companies. Despite being an excellent technology, Ethereum has a drawback, which significantly affects the NFT space – this is the cost of fuel. On August 5, 2021, the London Upgrade was implemented to make Ethereum transactions more predictable, but gas fees still stop many individuals from participating in the space.
SAFETY ISSUE: Following the former, the lack of direct communication and multiple channels at play can cause individuals to lose money. The NFT space, like everything else, has a black and white side. The sad truth is that some unscrupulous people use social engineering and other tricks to get someone off the beaten track to a replicated NFT store. The all-in-one platform is a much more secure and convenient solution.
NO OPTIONS TO SHAPE THE FUTURE : With the industry growing, NFT and Metaverse are the future. It is very user experience based. Community members have many ways to express their opinions but no option to influence change directly.
CLIMATE CONTROVERY: Both cryptocurrencies and NFTs have been criticized for their impact on energy consumption and climate impacts. This problem is real and widespread. An alternative way of using technology is a must.
By collaborating with Immutable X, Socialogue ensures trading in an open and decentralized ecosystem, secured by Ethereum, along with other features:

As a complete platform, Socialogue provides an extra edge for security and experience. Everything within the reach of the platform – social connections, marketplaces, game metaverse and more. Everything today’s NFT fans need in one place. Socialogue observed that NFT room participants had to rely on multiple platforms for information, communication, printing and other purposes. And it is self-evident that using one platform instead of multiple platforms will serve the industry and its users.

Socialogue NFT Social Platform brings all social media influence to the NFT space. The importance of social features in platforms is game changing. It overcomes the shortcomings of the industry and provides unlimited opportunities to society.

Socialogue members can write posts, like, share, comment or send direct messages to users of any platform. By actively participating in the community, a member can create their own followers and get rewarded. The opportunity with having a following in the digital economy has never been greater.

Socialogue values ​​transparency. Setting up a profile that other community members can see is easy. This empowers creators, collectors or other members to tell their stories and even showcase the collected NFTs (Fig. 2). Strict verification for content creators is also required to keep the community safe. Socialogue has all the features of a social platform. The ability to communicate within the platform creates extra security and closer relationships. For new opportunities and more confidence.

The NFT collection allows Socialogue to add more uniqueness to the platform and user experience. Users can use tokens for various purposes. Again, mainly for better customer experience, increased loyalty and platform stability.

Platform stability is also an important indicator. Part of the Socialogue token is not sold or given away as a gift. It is important to have the tools and resources to keep the platform stable and functioning in case something unexpected happens. Socialogue has a promising future, but it’s always better to have a plan B than nothing.

METAVERSE : Socialogue offers a thrilling experience in the Metaverse. One of the exclusive sections of the Metaverse is the DAO Senate, where meetings, voting, discussions, and other activities take place.
PERSONAL : As a close and unique community, NFT holders who are members of the Senate have a private group to discuss upcoming changes, decisions and the future of the platform.
SUPPORT: Like one big family, Socialogue offers support and assistance to its members. The Social Senate has direct contact with the platform admins for additional support and attention
2021 Q1-Q3img

Conduct in-depth market research. Resolve legal issues.
Designing the Socialogue platform. Apply the experience of a leading advisor.
2021 Q4img

NFT collection release and Socialogue (Beta) launch.
Blockchain integration into the platform. NFT Airdrops.
Establishment of the DAO Senate.
2022 Q1-Q2img

Launched Socialogue tokens, Metaverse Senate DAO,
Socialogue Metaverse and the full version of the platform.
Integration of token and tip functions.
2022 Q3-Q4

Launch of the Socialogue app for iOS and Android.
Advancing community functionality — introducing group chats, private groups and member recognition via smart contracts.
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Values ​​is the Metaverse Reserve Protocol on the Polygon Network.

About Value

Value is the Metaverse Reserved Protocol on the Polygon Network depending on the $VALUES token. Each $VALUES token is backed by a resource chest (e.g. MAI, FRAX) in the Value store, providing a non-negligible fair value. The Value Protocol provides the possibility to support NFT tokens to storage liquidity. Value brings the monetary and hypothetical elements of the game to the market through tagging and holding. Value is part of a fork path for OlympusDAO with its own turn applied to NFT Bonding for the metaverse space and in light of the Polygon organization.

How does it work?

At a high level, Value consists of a protocol-managed treasury, protocol-held liquidity ( POL ), bond mechanisms, and wagering rewards designed to control supply expansion.

The sale of bonds generates profits for the protocol, and the treasury uses those profits to print $VALUES and distribute them to stakeholders. With liquidity bonds , the protocol can accumulate its own liquidity. See the entry below on the importance of POL .

How can I profit from Value?
The main benefit for stakeholders comes from supply development. Beavers reap new $VALUES tokens from the repository, most of which are passed on to stakeholders who desperately need the $VALUES tokens they advertise. Furthermore, the gains for stakeholders will come from their automatic strengthening equilibrium, but value openness remains a significant consideration. That is, assuming the increase in the symbolic equilibrium outperforms the expected decrease in costs due to the expansion, the stakeholder will create a profit.

The principle benefit for bonders comes from the consistency of values. Bonders deliver capital openly and are guaranteed a reasonable return at the appointed time; the return is in $VALUES and in this way the bonder’s profit will depend on the cost of $VALUES as the bond grows. Bonders benefit from rising or static $VALUES fees.

Why do we need Value?

Dollar-pegged stablecoins have become an important part of cryptocurrencies due to their lack of volatility compared to tokens like Bitcoin and Ether. Users feel comfortable transacting using stablecoins knowing they have the same amount of purchasing power today vs. tomorrow. But this is a fallacy. The dollar is controlled by the US government and the Federal Reserve. This means the depreciation of the dollar also means the depreciation of this stablecoin.

Values ​​aims to accomplish this by creating a free-floating reserve currency, $VALUES, which is backed by a basket of assets. By focusing on supply growth rather than price appreciation, Values ​​hopes that $VALUES can serve as a currency capable of maintaining its purchasing power despite market volatility.

Is the coin VALUES stable?

No, $VALUES is not a stable coin. Instead, $VALUES aspires to be an algorithmic reserve currency backed by other decentralized assets. Similar to the idea of ​​the gold standard, $VALUES provides a free-floating value that the user can always reuse, simply because the fractional treasury reserve of $VALUES takes on its intrinsic value.

VALUES supported, not pegged.

Each $VALUES is backed by 1 MAI, not pegged to it. Because the treasury supports every $VALUES when it trades below 1 MAI. This has the effect of pushing the price of $VALUES back to 1 MAI. $VALUES can always be traded above 1 MAI because there is no upper limit set by the protocol. Think pegged == 1, while supported >= 1.

You can say that the minimum price of $VALUES or intrinsic value is 1 MAI. We believe that the true price will always be 1 MAI + premium, but in the end it is up to the market to decide.

What’s the deal with (3,3) and (1,1)?

(3,3) is the idea that, if everyone cooperates on Values, it will yield the greatest benefit to everyone (from a game theory point of view ). Currently, there are three actions the user can take:

Staking (+2)

Bond (+1)

Sell ​​(-2)

Staking and bonding are considered beneficial protocols, while selling is considered a disadvantage. Staking and selling will also cause price movements, while bonding will not (we consider buying $VALUES from the market a prerequisite for staking, thus causing price movements). If both actions are profitable, the actor moving the price also gets half of the profit (+1). If the two actions contradict, the bad actor moving the price gets half of the profit (+1), while the good actor moving the price gets half of the loss (-1). If both actions are detrimental, meaning both actors sell, they both get half of the loss (-1).

So, considering the two actors, all the scenarios of what they can do and their effect on the protocol are shown here:

If we both stake (3, 3), it’s the best thing for both of us and the protocol (3 + 3 = 6).

If one of us stakes and the other bonds, that’s also great because staking takes $VALUES from the market and puts it into the protocol, while bonding provides liquidity and DAI for the treasury (3 + 1 = 4).

When one of us sells, it reduces the other person’s effort to stake or tie (1 – 1 = 0).

When we both sell, it creates the worst outcome for both of us and the protocol (-3 – 3 = -6).

Further information:





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CoinDogs is a blockchain based game


️MAKE HER HAPPY BY ADDING COOL ACCESSORIESOur CoinDogs love to shine and zippers make them happier than new glasses, for example. Beautify your CoinDogs because of the many accessories you get for them, many of your dogs love to win races.️SHARE TO YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKSShare your racing success on your social media. CoinDogs love to blow their own horns their wealth which cannot be inherited for their home owners therefore the more you show others their success, the happier and faster they will become.Certified THE MOON CIRCLE IS THE BEST!Our game is influenced by certain cycles of the Moon. This brings a stimulating alternative nature to the gameplay and breeding diversity.The information on these pages contains statements that concentrate on risks and uncertainties. The markets and instruments profiled on this page are for your own informational purposes only and should not be construed as instructions for obtaining or selling these assets. You should get your own thorough research backing to make any investment decisions. FXStreet does not warrant that these recommendations are useful from error, error or material misstatement. After that does not guarantee that these instructions are timely. Investing in the Open Market involves the mediation of sacred risks, including the loss of all or part of your investment, as well as emotional swings. All risks, losses and costs are aligned with the investment, including principal quantity loss, is your responsibility. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the policies or viewpoints endorsed by FXStreet or its advertisers. The author will not be responsible for suggestions found on termination of connections posted on this page.Screenshot_20211210-175842_Chrome.jpg


️ RACINGRace your CoinDogs against alternate player dogs, for fun and win coins to exchange for prizes!️ PERSONALIZATIONWe have a wide range of special accessories for your Dog! choose a good one so that the shape looks cool.️ CollectBreed and gather your own army of CoinDogs. You will get several breeds at your disposal and add them to your dog squad! Make your puppy an online celebrity by printing it as NFT!CoinDogs announces the completion of the Beta and the release of the ultimate version! We’ve been working hard on immeasurably cool new options to shape all NFT blockchain fans to love it!

On the other hand, if it is not explicitly stated in the body of the article, at the time of writing, the author has no perspective in any legacypersonalized commentary. The author makes no representation as to the accuracy, completeness, or desirability of these instructions. FXStreet and its authors shall not be blamed for any errors, omissions, or any loss, injury or damage arising out of this endorsement and its display or use. Errors and omissions are excluded.The author and FXStreet are not registered investment advisors and nothing in this article is intended to be investment advice.#coindogs_news #coindogs_tokensale #coindogs_gen0 #coindogs_nft #coindogs_nftsale #coindogs_genesisFor more information:Website: Link:;u=2579938