CoinRadr is a revolutionary encrypted coin tracking and trading app that gives you a competitive edge in the cryptocurrency market.



Crypto Market Cap is now estimated to be over 2 Trillion Dollars. This exponential increase indicates a fast wave in the use of crypto products. It is further estimated that more than 50 trillion dollars in fiat reserves will be transferred to various crypto assets in the next few years. The move of fiat reserves into crypto has given rise to a variety of DeFi products, Insurance, NFT, Loans, Mulchain, Metaverse, and a whole ecosystem of interesting use cases. 

However, the crypto space is in chaos in its avalanche of activity and as technology, use cases, ecosystems, tokens and coins evolve on a daily basis, we can only experience unlimited eruptions in these various data point packages. If these data points are not collected properly, they can have a negative impact on the crypto experience for both investors and wholesalers alike.

About CoinRadr

COINRADR is a revolutionary encrypted coin tracking, education & trading app that gives crypto users an edge in the cryptocurrency market. Have you ever wanted to track your crypto assets in a centralized and simple way? Curious about the latest low cap gems before you pals? Dream of opening a trade and letting it run while you sleep? Do you want 5% APY on your crypto even while it’s pumping? Want to easily send crypto between wallets across multiple blockchains? Wish there was a place where you could shop with cryptos directly or accept payments in crypto without intermediaries? Maybe you don’t want to pay high fees to convert between digital assets or sell your coins for FIAT instantly for an instant 20–50% reduction. You can now manage all these functions and more in COINRADR.

CoinRadr is a revolutionary solution to help users gain an edge over the cryptocurrency landscape by providing individual users with real-time trading and data visualization all in one place. Moreover, it allows users to invest in DeFi products as well as insure their assets against loss.

CoinRadr is building the future of finance. It creates a protocol that will bridge decentralized finance (DeFi) and traditional finance (TradFi), allowing both sectors to benefit from one another. Let Us Have An In-depth Overview of the Various DeFi Solutions CoinRadr has to offer; Development of DeFi Insurance System — Insurance is needed to protect against unforeseen risks and emergencies.

Users can choose financial protection to protect themselves from any technical bugs in smart contracts and liquidity issues.

The development of the CoinRadr Insurance System will offer tradable and tokenized insurance positions against hacking of smart contracts or against defaults of stable coins.

Why CoinRadr Choose DeFi

DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance, which is a disruptive technology embedded in a secure distributed ledger like the one used by cryptocurrencies. DeFi helps remove the complete control that financial institutions have over financial products and services and money.

Emerging technologies such as Blockchain have made it easier for individuals, merchants, business tycoons, and others to perform executive business transactions quickly without following the protocols of financial institutions.


Educational issues in the crypto space cannot be ignored despite the abundance of information available. Information at the forefront largely fulfills the dreams of new users promising them quick financial independence which then robs them of their need to be properly educated. This triggers ignorance and misperception by new users, especially those who don’t know how to consume information from the ground up and improve it. This caused a lot of losses as crypto was then considered and treated as a “get rich quick scheme”.

The Crypto space is experiencing chaos in its avalanche of activity and as technology, use cases, ecosystem, tokens and coins evolve every day, we can only experience unlimited eruptions in these various data point packages. If these data points are not collected properly, they can have a negative impact on the crypto experience for both investors and traders.


Proper education of all users on every aspect of crypto will provide a crypto experience by users and encourage faster adoption of crypto by people all over the world.

Main Interesting Features of DeFi

With DeFi, many consumers enjoy benefits, such as:

– eliminate fees and cost overruns from financial institutions

– eliminate all forms of intermediaries

– funds and financial assets can be easily transferred and received within seconds

– full control over your financial assets

DeFi Currency

The effectiveness of DeFi should be tied to cryptocurrencies to help seamless transactions within the crypto space. The stablecoin as a cryptocurrency will be used to drive all transactions in the DeFi industry. Stablecoins are considered because they are backed by fiat currencies such as the dollar.

The effectiveness and excellence observed in DeFi are the main reasons we build our products under it. It is unique, flexible and fast to transact via DeFi as compared to CeFi (Centralized Finance).

CoinRadr, an all-in-one project with a rare uniqueness.

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Why Choose Us?

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Tokenomics And CoinRadrToken Utilities

Since the 4th Quarter of 2021, we are constantly working to bring something unique to the crypto space. A special project was created to serve all members regardless of their experience in crypto.

Let us quickly polish you with some CoinRadr utilities as well as tokennomics.

CoinRadr . Utilities And Functions

CoinRadr Token ($RADR) is for:

1. Serves as a betting reward for long term DPY

2. Support all utility payments using the DApp browser of the CoinRadr app.

3. $RADR will support all NFT and Metaverse utilities in the ecosystem.

4. Active users on the app will be rewarded with $RADR, which will be commensurate with their activity and contribution to the growth of the ecosystem.

5. Serves as a means of payment for all transactions made in the application.


Ecosystem participation and decentralization is key, so token distribution is designed to ensure long-term management and scheduling of ecosystem monitoring.

TOKENOMICS is distributed according to the long-term product development goals presented as follows:

  • Total bid $100 million RADR
  • Private sale – 2%
  • Likvidnost 41%
  • Ecosystem growth 8%
  • Private presale – 0.7%
  • team 8%
  • merekg 11%
  • Community / 5% debit
  • Project development 15%
  • Pre-sale cycle 2-1.5% (XPAD)
  • Pre-sale round 1 (public) – 3.6% (Pinksale)
  • 4.2% liquidity incentive


  • Tokena Naziv: CoinRadr ($RADR)
  • Total bid: 100,000,000 tokens

Private sale

  • 2% of total offer
  • $2 million RADR tokens
  • Price: 1BNB – $20,000 RADR

Private presale

  • (0.7% of total offer)
  • 700,000 $RADR tokens
  • Price: 1BNB – $15,000 RADR

Public sale

  • 5.1% of total offer
  • $5.1 million RADR tokens
  • Price: 1BNB – $12,000 RADR


CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x71648f61d21d3c75b08414ffa817c4ac2157f89e

Here is a link to our Smart Contract Audit report by Technology Audit:

Spy Wolf Network:

A second security audit was conducted with the Spy Wolf Network to ensure the security of the contract.  We will continue to review contracts periodically to ensure that they are secure.


Fourth quarter 2021

  • Form a technical team for core projects, ecosystem ideas, and legal frameworks.
  • Registered domain and created website.
  • Private selling rounds and early rounds for novice investors.
  • Presentation of WC Partners and supporters (private investors only)
  • Social media assignments and marketing schedule
  • Lite Paper Publishing Marketing Campaign
  • Public sale
  • Token integration and testing with Dex
  • List on the CEX . stock exchange
  • Staking pool :RADR

First quarter 2022

  • Portfolio Manager V1.0
  • Integration of the top five stock exchanges
  • Offline mode integration
  • Wallet integration
  • Report integration
  • Alert notification system
  • Performance testing
  • Marketing campaigns and Airdrop
  • Advertisement: CEX

2nd quarter 2022

  • Multilingual integration
  • Day and night mode
  • Application interface stabilization
  • Automatic reconnection for API exchange
  • Increase speed
  • B2 Design
  • Exchange offers

Third quarter 2022

  • Price Limit Integration
  • Coinradr Swap – test launch
  • Coinradr pad – test launch
  • Coinradr Trading Bot – test launch
  • Chain Card Integration (eth, Solana, bsc, phantom, terra)
  • Exchange offers

Fourth quarter 2022

  • signal tab
  • Recommended social module / system integration
  • Airdrop Distribution 2.0
  • Exchange Coinradr – launch
  • Coinradr pad – launch
  • Coinradr Trading Bot – launch
  • Fee system for Premium portfolio features
  • NFT & Metaverse integration
  • List multiple exchanges

First quarter 2023

  • Future development

Contact information

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