StormYield Finance Highest betting platform for universal cryptocurrency users

With the innovative Storm Yield Protocol, STY swept through the Defi industry, offering a decentralized financial asset that pays investors a continuous, compound interest rate. Buy, hold and earn $STY for APY remains the highest in cryptocurrency, plus every 5 minutes. Watch . you because it grows faster than light in your wallet.

StormYield is a global financial company that offers an alternative to traditional finance and fiat currencies. StormYield is a decentralized platform built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, with the aim of providing secure and transparent financial transactions to anyone on the planet. StormYield is a 100% decentralized platform. Decentralization is an important part of the StormYield Platform. Our platform offers users the possibility to be part of the platform and benefit from it. We are a platform that is working hard to innovate in the world of finance by providing a decentralized platform that does not depend on third parties. StormYield envisions a world where people are free from the control of financial institutions. We want to offer a decentralized, transparent and fair financial platform.

What exactly is a DAO?

DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) are organizations designed to be decentralized and automated. They function as a kind of venture capital fund, with open source programming and no centralized administration.

Blockchain records and maintains all transactions of an organization. The interests of DAO members are heard and acted upon if they are properly respected. As a result, DAOs are theoretically transparent and cannot be tampered with. A blockchain records and maintains all transactions of the organization.

StormYield Finance’s different features

StormYield Finance is a fantastic betting service with several unique features that provide a lot of value to $STY holders.

Safe betting services: The STY Insurance Fund covers 5% of all trading fees, which helps keep bet payouts stable by maintaining price stability.

Highest and Easiest Staking: Staking with StormYield Finance is simpler than ever. Just HOLD TO GET $STY, which had the largest APY of 669.212 percent.

Lightning fast rebase and payout rates: $STY holders will be rewarded every 05 minutes (288 times per day), making STY the world’s fastest automated pooled financing platform.

THE LIGHTNING ROD — a progressive combustion mechanism — is one of its most unusual characteristics. By limiting circulating supply and maintaining higher STY prices over time, the STY Lighting Rod protects the STY protocol.

Auto Compound

The Auto-Compound STY function uses a simple Hold to Earn method, which allows you to earn rebase benefits in the form of interest payments directly to your wallet by simply holding $STY tokens.

The $STY token is directly proportional to the rebase incentive of the times, thanks to STY. All BSC wallets holding $STY tokens get an automatic compound interest incentive of 0.00838 percent every 5 minutes, thanks to the highest paying Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding protocol and the industry’s highest APY remains at 669,212.62 percent.

Using the power of compound interest, StormYield Finance provides the original, highest and simplest way to profit by staking $STY.

The STY Insurance Fund is a non-profit organization that provides insurance for (SIF)

The STY Insurance Fund is abbreviated as SIF. SIF is a distinct wallet within the STY system which is funded by 5% of the Buy and Sell trading fees accumulated in the SIF wallet.

SIF functions as an insurance fund that pays all $STY holders a rebase rate of 0.00838 percent every 5 minutes to ensure price stability, eliminate flash collapse, and promote the long-term development of the STY Protocol.

STY Treasury

The treasury is an important part of the STY Protocol. The Treasury will provide assistance to SIF in the event of a dramatic price drop or an extraordinary black-swan event, keeping prices constant and sustainable over the long term.

Our marketing initiatives, community activities, investment and R&D of future products are all funded by the Ministry of Finance.

Lightning Wand

The initial Burning Mechanism of the STY Protocol is the Lighting Rod. The Lighting Rod burns 2.5 percent of every $STY exchanged.

The more that is exchanged, the more Rods are liquidated. The STY Illumination Trunk protects the STY Protocol by reducing circulating supply, preventing positive rebase interest and ensuring the long-term viability of the protocol, much like a real-life lightning rod.

STY Automatic Liquidity Machine (SALE)

Liquidity refers to the pool of money divided 50/50 between the $STY and $BNB tokens, allowing anyone to buy and sell their STY/BNB at any time.

However, if there is not enough liquidity in the pool, you will not be able to get a fair deal. As a result, the STY Team created the STY Auto-Liquidity Engine (SALE), which injects extra liquidity into the original Liquidity Pool automatically.

Long Term Interest Cycle (LIC)

To maintain sustainability and future growth, STY Finance has introduced the Long-term Interest Cycle (LIC) feature, which allows $STY token holders to enjoy perpetual compound interest.

Each Flower Cycle is 5 minutes long and is referred to as an EPOCH.

There were 105,120 EPOCH in 1 year.

EPOCH 1–105,120: 0.00838% every EPOCH (12 Months First)

EPOCH 105120-157,680: 0.00066% every EPOCH (6 months ahead)

EPOCH 157,680: 0.00006% every EPOCH (Forever until maximum supply is reached)


Road Map & Year 2022

Website Development

Official White Paper Documentation

Smrt . Contract Deployment

dApp V1 Dashboard Test Net

Solid Evidence Audit

RugDog KYC

Mainnet Dashboard dApp V1

Discord, Twitter, Telegram Building Community

PR Marketing

Bounty Campaign

Pre-Launch Marketing

Fair Launch at PinkSale

20-year Locked Liquidity BY PINKLOCK

Twitter — Youtube Marketing Campaign

Register CoinMarketCap

Certificate Application

Register CoinGecko

List of DappRadar

Audit Certik

Airdrop Campaign

5,000 Token Holders

10,000 Token Holders

15,000 Token Holders

STY DAO (in May)

20,000 Token Holders

50,000 Token Holders

Upgrade Dashboard dApp V2


Cross Chain Integration

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