BRIC Coin is a token formed in the Tron blockchain ecosystem 

Entrepreneurship according to international currency transfers is increasing day by day, which is considered a very significant nuance of this plan. So let’s understand, what does the Global Financial Transition look like?

International financial transfers make it possible to transfer resources to a bankaccording to the whole community using the US $ is also a currency. What corresponds to a different monetary unit, you will be able to convert it into a district monetary unit, as well as obtain only resources in the beneficiary bank.In 2019 The Celestial Empire was the 2nd largest economy in the whole society with a solid domestic supply (product) of Fourteen trillion dollars, after the United States with 21 trillion dollars, this product also outperformed Japan with a product of 5 trillion dollars

The macroeconomics of China is more than the macroeconomics of the Rising Sun, Germany and India taken together. China’s largest suburb, Guangdong, has more residential products than Spain; in the River River delta, which is located near Shanghai City, this kind of product, however, is also in Germany.

In this regard, the period, as well as the products of the State of China, increased by 6.11% in 2019, the wear of the proletarian power,

slow financial reforms, rising debt, and more recently, the trade shocks that occurred contributed to the downward movement of the line

financial increase since last 5 years. The decline in the COVID-19 microbes has increased this focus. The Celestial Empire did not stop counting political figures in the production process, including subsidies, restrictions on access to bazaars, the impact of technology transfer on targets, as well as

another favor from rival Russia. The device of this political figure is destructive

the ability of foreign firms to function in similar situations in odd bargains. In addition, China’s State Revolutionary Party’s oversight of various financial entities in auctions has increased significantly. For example, if you apply international financial transfers to the continental Sky Empire, in this case resources can be exchanged in yuan, as well as immediately credited to the central bank’s address. In addition to the principle, the exchange can be carried out according to the receiving bank’s power line (Internet banking/mobile operations).

To provide a convenient platform for the purpose of international currency transfers with the aim of BRIC Importers as well as Exporting Countries.

To be the most reliable economic platform for mass currency transfer purposes according to the whole society in the field of international trade, import and export.

BRIC Coin is a token formed in the Tron blockchain ecosystem to provide the ability to use relative deposit resources without the presence of one or another or a foreigner.

BIS Coins are TRC20 tokens deposited by international economic transfers from cart countries (Countries, Russian Federation, Indian Countries as well as Celestials). The tokens will be used for the purpose of cross-border transactions among the cart states. I initially preferred this state, so we can see that it is the most crowded state, also for launch purposes we need a big exchange. Despite the fact that 20% of the world’s imports/exports are required in these 4 states. So, I started my service for these states purposes, and over time I will also increase the number of states on our list.

Consumers and traders also have every opportunity to take shape in this landing stage for trading purposes. We present a basic platform for trading purposes using cart coins. Similarly, as soon as the registration is complete from two points, the monetary unit has every opportunity to be converted by the merchant or consumer into basket coins from the nearest public exchange. One concludes with 3 functions: send, extract and transmit. You will be able to buy funds converted into basket coins directly from the exchange, using the extraction function that

provides the possibility of attribute-code recognition of the program, with the support of which the coin cart goes to your computer immediately. Now, as soon as this is done, consumers and merchants will be able to contact friends with a support function called “chat window”.

where merchants and consumers have every opportunity to discuss operations and also come to conclusions. Only once did they prove of two points.Consumers can press the “escrow” button, where

it says that the product will be stored on our servers securely till now, until someone buys the product in any way. In case someone changes their mind or is about to cancel the application by maturity

against product defects. In this case, one can raise a “dispute”, but then the manager introduces a chat window to check whether the result is really broken or someone is trying to cheat. If the product is damaged, someone will be handed over. Also , no one he can fool, due to the fact that, as soon as you agree that the result is real, only then will the computer release the coin or emphatically refuse to issue.


In the economic sphere a country joins agribusiness, official organizations, fisheries, mining, quarrying and mineral extraction. It can be divided into two plans: the acquired industry, including the creation of raw substances that can be achieved by human intervention in the correspondence of creation; and the extractive industry, including the increase in useless raw parts that cannot be extended through progress. industries, associations of important businesses or affiliates that produce or supply goods, associations, or payment types. From a financial point of view, experience is generally considered essential, optional, tertiary and quaternary; auxiliary effort is also called significant and light.


BRIC Coin is backed by Blockchain – which is known to be highly secure and reliable – filling gaps and eliminating challenges. BRIC Coin is a token created on the Tron blockchain ecosystem, enabling us to provide

de facilities for the use of escrow without the presence of a third party.

BRIC Coin is a TRC20 token backed by international remittances from foreign trade. BRIC Coin was founded to eliminate complicated billing, documentation, customs, excise duties, etc. BRIC can be used as escrow for “Buyers” and “Sellers” in B(Brazil), R(Russia), I(India ), & C(China)

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BRIC General Sales

Current Price of BRIC Coin = $0.4

Live IEO Now


BRIC Public Selling Price Table

DatePrice1 December 2021 to 6 January 2022$0.207 January 2022 to 6 February 2022$0.307 February 2022 to 6 March 2022$0.407 March 2022 to 7 April 2022$0.50

The public sale of BRIC will end on April 7, 2022

Notes :

– The addresses below are the only contract addresses for BRIC. Please watch out for scams.

– Please DO NOT SEND coins to the contract address below. Sending coins to this address may result in permanent loss.

BRIC TRC-20 Official Contract Address :   Tpp9uVWBwdpotzsTx8kHz6LGUtCExXyzHq


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BRIC Coin was launched through an initial exchange offering (IEO) — where cryptocurrency exchanges oversee token sales. ICOs have lost their appeal recently due to increased investor risk. The benefits of IEOs are clear: blockchain projects go through a comprehensive vetting process where they are carefully scrutinized. Many investors tend to find IEO platforms more attractive because there is a higher level of due diligence than is seen with ICOs.

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